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Founded in 2019 by Whitney Dawson, Harper Ridley was created with a focus on making a positive environmental and societal impact. Our goal is to create hand-made goods with a fine regard for detail, while sourcing fabrics & materials that are design driven.

Harper Ridley Homemade Goods adopted its namesake from the names of Whitney’s two daughters. In an effort to create a better world for our children, Harper Ridley is committed to making eco-friendly products that contribute positively and allow customers to make simple changes that are good for our planet.  Recently, Harper Ridley designed a line of zero waste bows, made from scrap fabric. In addition, with every bow sold, Harper Ridley donates $1 to Brown Bagging 4 Calgary’s Kids, a non-profit organization that works in partnership with Calgary schools to make and deliver free lunches for students who would otherwise go hungry.