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We are building a forest!

I am SO excited to share a new project Harper Ridley is now taking part in through “Offset Earth”. 

We know that the climate crisis is real and it is also preventable.  That is why we have added “Offset Earth” to our Shopify store to fund climate projects.

It has been found that one of the best ways to combat the climate crisis and keep global temperatures from rising is to plant trees! So now anytime you purchase something from Harper Ridley, a tree will be planted in Madagascar with the tree planting program, “The Eden Reforestation Project”.

one product = one tree planted

From today on, any time you make a purchase on our site, we will purchase a tree to be planted in Madagascar!  It is so simple: one product = one tree planted!

Click here to read about Mangrove Planting in Madagascar HERE

If you want to check out our “forest”, click HERE and feel free to plant a few more trees if you are so inclined!


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